Welcome to the 5X Health Affiliate Program!

That Vitamin Movie has been seen over 1.2 million times in the last 2 years. We are having another free viewing period from March 24th – 31st 2018 (and 1st to 4th April as an extension).
For those of you who don’t know, it’s a full production documentary featuring 23 experts including Andrew Saul, Dr Joe Mercola, Dr Tom Levy and many others. Commissions are paid at 30% of any products sold, such as the DVD or book of the film. We are aware that movie launches don’t make affiliates big money, therefore we have built in a great back end – Vitamin Mastery. And from March 2018 on (i.e. NOW) you have lifetime cookies for anyone who purchases anything through our affiliate system.

A full selection of FREE VIEWING resources are in place for promoting the movie free viewing.

Vitamin MASTERY is a summit like event which will run from April 5th to 11th. We did 26 interviews for That Vitamin Movie, and over 18 hours of material was condensed into 90 minutes. Now we are presenting the full material. Each day will have 2 of the full interviews, as well as 2 of the interviews from That Vitamin Summit (2017 version) and a full length lesson on vitamins from Andrew Saul. So a total of five elements per day.
Sales prices will range from $77 to $197 and commissions are 50%.
Vitamin Mastery resources are now in place also. See the tabs above.