Welcome to the 5X Health Affiliate Program!

Hey friends old and new,

We have one main event launching this year, and it is right around the corner.

Our brand new release of “Live Longer, Feel Better!” releases on February 3rd. It now runs to 9 episodes and an introductory episode (ten nights in total). People love this series because of the friendly, personal approach we took in making it – and the Irish countryside helps as well 🙂 The series runs from February 3rd to 13th with a Surprise Replay on 15th and 16th.

Commissions for the launch are paid at 40% of any physical products sold, such as the DVD or transcript of the film. People can also invest in the full recorded interviews that went in to making the film – and that leaves our price points ranging from $97 right up to $197. Commissions are 50% for digital products, as per industry norms.

Please let us know if you are going to promote this event so that we can in turn support your efforts as best we can. Just click through to the “Live Longer” page using the menu above and you can register there. When you register for the promotion your affiliate links will appear. (Note that if you are NOT already an affiliate with us you need to sign up first – just click “Become an Affiliate” in the menu above).

Thanks as always for your support, we look forward to getting this wonderful message of hope out to your tribe – and getting you some $$$ in the process.