Upcoming Affiliate Opportunities for 2017

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  1. Please register as an affiliate.
  2. We will immediately send you an email with your personal “Affiliate Links”. If you are heavily into your tracking, you can create your own sub-id's very easily.
    How do I create a sub-ID for tracking purposes?
    Go to the Stats link on the menu, then go into the REPORTS tab on that page and you will see it at the bottom.If you can't figure that one out, just ask us. (If you are confused by having more than one link, don’t be. Just use your main affiliate link for everything if that’s the case.)
  3. Share your personal links with your followers any way you choose. We ask for at least one direct "solo" email to your list (but would hope you would send more). You can also promote the event in any way that gets your followers eyes - twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, newsletters etc.
  4. If you are not feeling too creative, we provide you with images and text which can be used for all the methods listed above. But its always best to tweak them to your own “voice”.
  5. When someone clicks on your unique affiliate link, they are taken directly to the page you send them to (a summit landing page, or our home page), and if they opt in for the event (sign up for our list), our Ontraport system automatically tracks the referral from you.
  6. The more people who are tracked under you that buy, obviously the more revenue is coming your way.

What's nice about this model for you is that you never have to do any selling. You just refer your followers to our free, high quality content, and the system does the rest. Take a minute now and fill in the details to the right. If you have any further questions about becoming an affiliate, please contact Linzi, our affiliate manager, and she will be happy to help you. Here's to your success, and thank you.

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