My Healthy Child (scroll down for FAQ's)

My Healthy Child Summit
This is a traditional summit model event running from Feb 20th to 26th 2017. It will be hosted by Helen Saul Case and Michael Beattie. We have some top speakers involved and some top affiliates already signed up.

Our Summit Model 

It's the normal summit model. Give everyone totally free access to our daily content. At least three videos will be released each day and will stay available for 24 hours. Then they will be swapped out for the next days content.  Anyone who would like a permanent record of the event to download (and access to all the bonus's) can do so for a fee. It is this fee that you get a commission from. Affiliates earn 50% of net revenues. Affiliates can also earn 10% second tier commissions for folks they refer who go on to become affiliates themselves. The "full retail" price of the summit packages will range from $59 to $139.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I make?

As an affiliate, you can invite people to sign up for My Healthy Child for no charge. If any of them go on to purchase the downloads of the events then you earn a commission (50% on the price).  By sharing a valuable free resource with your followers, you will combine making a difference with the potential for making some extra income. But obviously there is no guarantee.

Affiliates can earn 10% “second tier” for other affiliates who they refer.

Does being an affiliate mean that I’m registered?

No, if you want to sign up for the summit, you need to do that.

How are referrals tracked?

We use Ontraport to handle our email and affiliate management system, as well as all sales. When you register as an affiliate, you are given login access and assigned custom links to key pages on our site that you can use to promote our work. When someone you refer lands on our pages after using one of the links you provide them, their engagement will be tracked, cookies will drop, and if they ever make a movie OR a summit purchase from us , you’ll be credited. You can login any time to get all the details of your sales and copy the banners or promotional messages.

How do I create a sub-ID for tracking purposes?

Go to the Stats link on the menu, then go into the REPORTS tab on that page and you will see it at the bottom.

How can I maximise income potential?

Get on the ball as soon as we go LIVE in the various promotion windows. This is the best time to get people on board and it also lets you get people “tracked and cookied” before anyone else.

Can I send people straight to the sales page?

We strongly advise you do NOT do this until the summit is under way.

When will I be paid?

Expect "Summit" first payment around September 1st and monthly from there forwards. We have to wait a period of 30 days after the encore weekend to make sure any returns are processed. Then we get your money on it’s way to you.

Who gets credit if more than one affiliate refers the same person?

We use a “first click” model, so once you refer a person they are “yours” for both the movie and the summit.